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About Us

YUASA History
Yuasa was founded in the year 1666, Kyoto Japan. This new company (named Yuasa Hardware Co.) supplied coal to blacksmith ships and cutting toll manufacturers through Japan. Sometimes swords, knives and other related cutting tool products made by these customers were accepted as payment by Yuasa for the coal supplied to them. Yuasa, in turn began selling these tools to industrial users all over Japan. With the success of this business, Yuasa began to expand, by introducing other cutting tool related items into the market which had been purchased from various outside suppliers.

Over the centuries, Yuasa expanded it's market base and products, serving the world with items ranging from CNC machine tools to standard household products. The Yuasa Group is not located in more that 30 countries around the world with over 5,000 employees.

YUASA International Today
Yuasa International serves the USA, Canada, Mexico and South America with items to include CNC rotary products, workholding items, milling machine accessories, grinding products, CNC turning centers and specialized automatic machines designed to customer specifications. We provide sales offices, service outlasts showrooms and warehouses strategically located in major metropolitan areas designed to fully service the needs of our customers. Our goal is to provide a complete range of products and services to meet the needs of the smallest job shop to the largest manufacturing plant with the highest quality machine accessories and equipment.

We are continuing to add personnel and facilities to strengthen our organization and provide better service. Active participation in local, regional and internal trade shows makes it possible for us to further demonstrate all of the products and services we provide.

Recently, we established our WEB SITE WWW.YUASA-INTL.COM so customers can access not only this entire catalog, but also very useful technical information and software updates. We also provide direct E-mail for people wanting to contact us via the internet for placing orders, expediting, services and parts related questions. SALES@YUASA-INTL.COM or SERVICE@YUASA-INTL.COM.


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About Us Featured Products Products Warranty Testimonials
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